Tests and Decisions

People suffering from severe pain and disability seek advice of the specialist. Firstly the patient is treated with pain killers and physiotherapy. When these measures fail to give relief from pain and disability the specialist may suggest you about the joint replacement surgery.

The joint replacement surgeon will examine you, will see your x-rays and eventually will suggest you about the joint replacement surgery. The possible outcomes and risks of the surgery and anesthesia are explained to you. Though the doctor suggests surgery to you, the final decision must be yours, depending upto which extent you suffer from pain.

There are some factors which should be taken into account before going for the operation.

  • Daily ActivityIf you are physically very active and relatively young you should consider other options like physiotherapy and pain killers. So that you can postpone the surgery as much as possible, as more strenuous activity may reduce the life of the implants.
  • The quality of your Bone and MuscleAs metal parts are to be inserted in your bone, your bone should have a good quality, that they fit into the bones for a fairly longer time. Also the quality of your muscles should be good, that you can carry out the post-operative physiotherapy programme to build your muscles.
  • Your general Physical ConditionIf you are suffering from arthritis in other joints, may your daily activities be restricted despite operation of knee or hip joint
  • Your medical problems might increase the risk of surgery and anaesthesia.