Possible Post Operative Complications

These are some common complications associated with each type of surgery & some are specifically related to hip replacement surgery. Most complications are minor but it is important to be aware & to seek medical attention.

  1. Chest InfectionPossible following general anaesthesia and particularly in smokers.
    • Deep breathing is important
  2. FeverIt can develop in the first 24-72 Hrs.after surgery.Its cause will have to be investigated and treated accordingly.
  3. Thrombosis & EmbolismAfter surgery blood clot (deep vein thrombosis) may occur in one of the deep veins of the body.
    • We take precautions to prevent this from happening.
      • Wearing Anti-Embolism stockings : at least for 6 weeks.
      • Course of blood thiner Injections/Tablets.
      • Exercises & Early Mobilization after surgery.
  4. InfectionIt is always a risk when materials are implanted into the body.
    • We use special precautions to avoid this
      • Operation theaters with laminar flow.
      • Operating Staff with disposable suits. (Space Suits)
      • Antibiotics in peri operative period.
  5. SepsisSepsis may be caused by pus producing organisms. Main cause is contamination of the wound.
    • You need to take proper medical advice if you have pain, swelling, heat and redness around wound or with leakage of pus and high fever.
  6. Nerve DamageThe small nerves supplying the skin over operation site are usually damaged. When an incision is made during surgery it can cause numbness around wound. This does not in any way affect the function following surgery